‘The Most Incredible Thing’ – NYC Ballet

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The New York City Ballet has become our go-to for modern, exciting ballet that spurs all our artistic fantasies. And the young choreographer Justin Peck has a lot to do with it. At just 28, Peck is embarking on his most ambitious ballet yet, an adaptation of a Hans Christen Anderson story with 56 dancers, a score from Bryce Dessner (of The National) and costumes from contemporary artist Marcel Dzama. In this trailer for the ballet, we meet the cast and characters – and get a first look and listen at the creations of Peck’s collaborators.


From The Princess, bound to marry whichever suitor can create ‘the most incredible thing’ and the handsome Creator played by Sterling Hyltin and Taylor Stanley, to the evil Destroyer and fluttering Cuckoo, this is a fairytale we can’t wait to memorize. The costumes range from the classics, reimagined – like The Princess’s metallic, tiered tutu – to modern, out-there art pieces.

The collaboration is a natural fit. Dzama’s work for the ballet is at once modern and retro, pulling inspiration from the film Metropolis‘ dated ideas of the future. Get ready for lots of masks and pageantry, metallics, sleek lines, drama and new-age theatrics.




Words Lucy McGrath – Choreography Justin Peck – Costumes Marcel Dzama – Music Bryce Dessner