KENZO Men Spring 2017 Reinvents 90’s Club Culture  Fashion  Music  Culture

Ah, the 1990’s. President Clinton, the Spice Girls, Y2K, and Kate Moss. The last decade of the second millennium makes us think of a variety of things, some fun, some not so fun, and some extremely unsettling. One trademark of 90’s culture that we will always look back on fondly is and will always be the nightlife. For their Men’s and Resort Spring 2017 collections, KENZO creative directors, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, harkened back to the pre-gentrification decade of Generation X. Complete with eternal 90’s girl-crush, Miss Chloe Sevigny seated front row, a plethora of club-proof hoodies, an abundance of neon yellow and electric blue, and graphics stripped from vintage 90’s posters, the runway embodied the best of old-school New York nightlife. House music blaring, models pounced on the runway like it was their dance floor, walking in packs and transporting us back in time. Friday night’s new look has arrived.