Future Echoes

You probably haven’t heard of The Telenovelas yet, a Danish Power-Pop band who will release their debut album “Winona, forever” this coming spring. Their first single “Future Echoes” was just released accompanied by a personal music video directed & produced by Lasse Bak Mejlvang the big brother of the Telenovelas guitarist Anders Bak Mejlvang. This is not your ordinary “pop-flash-provocation” music video moment. On the contrary, the video is more of an emotional character featuring a mix of new 8mm film recordings and old recordings starring the mother of Lasse & Anders, all the way from her childhood to her very own motherhood. The old recordings were done by Lasse’s grandfather. In many ways, it’s a family affair, however you don’t need to be related to these young boys to feel close to them and their music when watching and listening to this strong debut.