“Do You Remember Me?” starring Clémence Poésy

Clémence Poésy embodies everything that is French and chic. But that doesn’t mean she can’t get a little self-ironic too. The new Vs. original film, “Do You Remember Me” directed by Olivia Frølich, operates in the fine zone between fiction, reality and parody — something that has become a trademark for Vs. Magazine — and gives an almost meta-fictional peek into the life of a young actress, determined to get her lines right…

The film was shot at The Milestone Hotel in London and sees a casual Poésy wearing G-Star Elwood jeans and shirt.

Director Olivia Frølich — Creative Director Jakob F.S. — Stylist Victoria Adcock — Script Consultant Marie Louise Siim — Editor CHRISTOFFER SCHURICHT — Colorgrading HANNIBAL LANG — Sound DAVID CRANE —Sound Mix PHILIP NICOLAI FLINDT — Cinematographer DANIEL JAROSCHIK — 1st AC TOM PICKARD — Light MATHIAS RIBE — Data Wrangler MARTINE SKOGSTAD — Producer SIMONE SCHOFER — Stylist Assistants Zane Page & Lily Austin — Hair Kota Suizu — Makeup Marie Thomsen — Location The Milestone Hotel — Thanks to GEOFFREY WEILL ASSOCIATES, SANAZ GIVILI, ARTOFFICIAL AGENCY & The Milestone Hotel