“Barbie Party” by Ellen von Unwerth

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What happens when you dress half a dozen models like dolls and put them in front of Ellen von Unwerth? The best party of the summer, of course. Ellen von Unwerth’s Pajamas b-day party in LA the other day threw us back to our Spring/Summer 2012 issue, starring Barbie, Ken, and friends as they get a little wild in the doll house. Between champagne bottles and sexy poolside shenanigans, you’ll never look at Barbie the same way again…

Directed by Ellen von Unwerth — Styling Vibe Dabelsteen — Set Design Walter Barnett / OPUS — Videography Jochem Sanders — Hair John Ruggiero / Starworks — Makeup Kate Lee / Starworks — Art Direction Jakob F.S. — A special thanks to Andrew Frame & Patrick Stretch / Art + Commerce