At times our most powerful desire is to start fresh. Lucky for Kate Bosworth’s character in this cinematic spread by Guy Aroch, New York has made good on its promises of real estate and romance (her new flame is played by real life hubby, film director Michael Polish). This marks the second time Kate has graced our cover, and who better to interview her than longtime friend and Vs. favorite, Julianne Moore.

Kate Bosworth may be a Hollywood vet (she landed her breakout role in The Horse Whisperer at 14), but it wasn’t until her role in the forthcoming 90 Minutes in Heaven, directed by husband Michael Polish, that Bosworth left that fresh-faced kid behind and became a woman. Here she chats with friend and onscreen mom in Still Alice, Julianne Moore, who witnessed Bosworth’s evolution firsthand.

KB: Julie, hi!
JM: Hi! Where are you?
KB: I’m in Los Angeles. I just came here from Montreal where I’ve been shooting a TV show. I’m in the middle of my remodel.
JM: How’s it going?
KB: Oh my gosh, I’ve gone from looking at fireplace stones to bathtub fixtures… you know how it goes. I’m just here to pick out three stones and some flooring and then I have to turn around and go back.
JM: When is it going to be finished?
KB: We’re hoping to be finished around thanksgiving. I love, love, love to cook; that ritual of cooking dinner, putting on some country music with Michael and drinking whiskey. Are you in New York?
JM: I am. It’s been pouring on and off all day here. So tell me about this movie – is this a movie your husband directed?
KB: Yes. It’s called 90 Minutes in Heaven, it’s based on the book by Don Piper.
JM: I think it’s really interesting that you always look for stuff to do together.
KB: Well, I get one of two responses from people when I talk about working with Michael so often. It’s, “Oh, I would like to work with my husband,” or, “Oh, I could never work with my husband.” But we worked together on Big Sur and I fell so deeply in love with his artistic process and I still am just as deeply in love with it. This might sound a little strange, but I do feel like his actor on set more than his wife. We might sneak a few kisses at lunchtime though.
JM: Tell me about the role of Eva. Are there elements in the character that you related to on a personal level?
KB: Michael and I spoke to that; I became a woman in this role. She’s a mother and Michael has a daughter, Jasper, so I became a stepmom when I married him.
JM: You’re young to be a stepmom. How old is she now?
KB: She’s 17! So it’s the first time I played a mother in a way that I understood it better than I had before. And a wife, too. I’ve been married for two years now.
JM: And you have all these movies coming out? Life on the Line, Bus 657 and Before I Wake… You have four movies coming out?!
KB: Yes! They’re all coming at the same time. Bus 657 I was interested in doing because I only have one scene but it’s a really powerful scene with Robert de Niro.
JM: Oh my gosh, how great. Let’s move on to some fashion questions. Are editorials something you enjoy doing or something you endure?
KB: I like them best when I feel like there’s a character being created. I feel most uncomfortable when it’s a pose in front of a white backdrop.
JM: Right, when it’s, “Just look as pretty as you can!” Vs. is great that way – I shot with them too. They give it so much context. But you always look beautiful. I’ve never seen a bad picture of you.
KB: Oh, I have them. Trust me.
JM: And Michael surprised you on the set?!
KB: He did! It was our anniversary and I had flown down to New York from Montreal to do the photo shoot and he was in LA, so I was not expecting him to be there at all. Someone said, “You should go out to the hallway,” and I was like, “Why are they bringing me out here? Something really bad must have happened.” And Michael is there saying, “You think I would miss our four year anniversary?”
JM: Awww! And they ended up shooting him as well?
KB: It was so funny, they had wanted someone else to be there for the narrative, and when Michael showed up I said, “Do you mind if Mike does it?” The whole story is about desire and of course there’s no one I desire more than him. We just ran around the streets of New York together. I find New York to be such a romantic city. You must find that as well.
JM: But I live here. Today I was on 34th street and I was like, “What am I doing here?” [Laughs] I was trying to get a cab and it was like, “Nope, sorry!” But I love this city.
KB: I get to pop in and have these short-lived experiences there. I feel like the possibilities of the night feel endless.
JM: Let’s talk about social media… What’s your relationship with Instagram? I literally follow three people: just my kids, so I know what they’re doing, and my yoga teacher.
KB: I was a little bit terrified of the whole social media thing for a while. Fortunately I’ve come to the other side of that painful youth where you get those comments and you’re like, “Man that hurts.”
JM: You were so young when you started working.
KB: I was 14 when I filmed The Horse Whisperer. Scarlett Johansson was 12!
JM: I realized we first met through Revlon and you were very young and very quiet.
KB: There’s a goofiness to me that will always remain. I was an only child so I had imaginary friends and I’d create situations in my backyard in Connecticut, but I was always very quiet. I’m not one of those people that jumps on stage and says, “Here I am! Hello! Look at me!”
JM: You’re not an entertainer.
KB: No! And that’s always been a funny thing. I’m not a “personality,” but I love to act.

Words Allyson Shiffman — Photography Guy Aroch — Styling Anya Ziourova