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“I love print. The ink on the paper, the smell of it, the feeling of the grain in between my fingers, the colors, the blacks and whites, the typographies, the letters, the words, the phrases…Make me feel alive.” — André Saraiva

It will come as no surprise that we at Vs. have an obsession with print. Lucky for us, we’re not alone. To celebrate our 10-year love affair with the printed page, we tapped five inspiring New Yorkers, who welcomed us into their homes to share their personal bookshelves and tell us why, in today’s digital world, they still give a damn about print. Photography by Scott Lipps

Black & white coat Related — Lace dress Tularosa

“I love having variety in my library. There are a few coffee table books, but mostly my books are poetry and sacred to me. I love the store Bookmarc — the buyer there has a direct line to my head for novels. I think it’s critical to have a library.” — Courtney Love

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“I treasure all my old books like old friends. Nothing can replace them in quite the same way. Holding a book in your hand, turning the pages, the sound and scent of the paper, the little folds of the corners when something is special on the page…. I have a signed Henry Miller book that he dedicated to his barber. That doesn’t happen digitally.” — Helena Christensen

T-shirt & jeans J.Lindeberg

“I buy a lot of vintage books as inspiration for my work – mostly photographic books and art books. They are beautiful. Definitely look better than a computer… I would probably be described as a person who grew up with dark winters and the influence of Ingmar Bergman, and someone who wants to change the world.” — Johan Lindeberg

The Fat Jewish wearing… his book

“Considering the only books I own are hundreds of copies of the one I wrote, Robert Crumb cartoon books and YA romance novels, if someone saw my bookshelf, they’d think I was a narcissist who loves tall women with thick calves and enjoys a great love story. And they’d be right.” — The Fat Jewish

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